Integrate with your business

Save time, secure, speed up, and enhance your website by installing plugins developed or/and tested by Seriously developers to make your customer experience even better.

Install 3rd party plugins

We’ve been searching for the best plugins your customers may need all the time. Best of them are tested, and all compatibility issues are fixed. So feel free to use these recommended plugins.

Use premium Open Marco plugins

When our team cannot find the right plugins, they build them from scratch. All of them are released as standalone products and included into Seriously package for free.

Access sneak peeks

Seriously is our foundation for building all our new products. Therefore, before releasing new plugins as standalone premium products, we include their beta (stable) versions into Seriously.

Design your content

Create custom designs around your content for different devices and views. All without touching a single line of code.

Page builder
Visual Composer

Use the power of page builder

Use the most popular page builder on the planet (Visual Composer, available for free). Combine its default elements with the premium Open Marco add-ons (included for free) – you’ve got everything to build astonishing pages your customers will love.

Create new experiences

Build content blocks with the power of Visual Composer. Use them almost anywhere you can imagine – in headers, footers, and rows (on the background). Create new customer experiences with ease.

Make and see it live

Create, edit and delete any elements you want on the live website, and your content and blocks will be updated automatically. When the page you’re building is ready – it’s one click from being published.

Present brand with fonts

Each brand has its own vibe, and fonts are very vocal in transferring brand’s ideology into visual communication. Use Font I Want and bring your brand identity to the digital life.

Use fonts from numerous providers

Font I Want

Experiment with thousands of Google and Adobe Typekit fonts and stand out. You will never run out of options.

Play with different settings

Font I Want

Browse the font library, add fonts to your favorites, change CSS selectors’ properties and even add your own selectors.

Enhance your website

Save more than $250 worth of plugins by buying Seriously