99% of corporate websites look awful

You don't have to follow suit. Create your company's new website that all your customers deserve - modern, catchy, surpising.

Design is about styles

Our team has spent a lot of hours analysing hundrends of modern websites. The result you can see is what will be trending in the upcoming years in coprorate website design.

Design is about content

We beleive ‘Lorem ipsum’ doesn’t work anymore. Therefore, we’ve developed this demo around our product – Seriously – to let you see it in real action.

Design is about typography

The fonts you choose affect the way people think about your business. For instance, this website uses Brandon Grotesque (from Adobe Typekit), and it would be different if we used something else.

Design is about layouts

The way you put your content is very important. You don’t have to wrap your texts into elaborate layouts: just give your customers what they are looking for.

Design is about microinteractions

We pay attention to small details: how the whole website loads (splash screen), how images are displayed (reactive images), how your customers interact with navigation bar, and so forth.

Design is...

Design is everything your customers interact with. Just remember, you only have one chance to make a first impression.

Design is about money

Design is all about people’s feelings: the better it is, the higher the chance your website visitors become your loyal customers.

and start converting your website visitors into loyal customers